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Connector part machining

As a supplier to the connector industry, IVALTECH is committed to providing high-quality manufacturing solutions that meet the specific needs of e-mobility, telecommunications, and aerospace equipment manufacturers.

Applications in Connector Technology

Connectors play a crucial role in numerous industrial and mobility applications. From navigation systems to advanced safety systems, sensors, and communication systems, reliable connectors are essential for the proper functioning of these embedded technologies.

IVALTECH manufactures machined parts for connector applications, including:

  • Connectors
  • Coaxial connectors
  • Pins
  • Bodies
  • Terminals
  • Sensors
  • Connection housings


  • Brass
  • Copper alloys

Machinery to Meet Your Needs

With cutting-edge equipment and rigorous manufacturing processes, IVALTECH produces high-precision connector components, guaranteeing reliable and durable connections.

Our machinery and organization allow us to produce medium and large series, from 5,000 parts to several million.

IVALTECH is equipped with:

  • Multi-spindle CNC machines for high productivity and complex machining
  • Traditional machines for large and very large series production

In close collaboration with our clients, IVALTECH constantly strives to find new ways to improve our manufacturing processes and develop innovative products that meet ever-evolving needs.

Quality Control during connector part machining

To meet the industry’s stringent requirements, IVALTECH is equipped with advanced control technologies and production monitoring systems.

We utilize a range of cutting-edge inspection and measurement equipment, including:connector part sub-contractor

  • Coordinate measuring machine (CMM)
  • Advanced optical control systems (Keyence, Contourograph, Roundtest, Tesa-scan)
  • Statistical Process Control (SPC) to monitor production performance in real-time and detect any variations
  • A dedicated laboratory is equipped to measure part cleanliness using gravimetric and granulometric techniques to ensure high cleanliness standards.

For medium and large series production, 100% automated inspection systems guarantee meticulous inspection of each produced part, ensuring compliance with the strictest standards.

IVALTECH is committed to providing its clients with the highest quality products. Our commitment to excellence in quality control is at the heart of our manufacturing approach.


Additional Services

IVALTECH offers a variety of complementary operations through our qualified local partners:

  • Surface treatment: gilding, silver plating
  • Heat treatment: annealing
  • Tribo-finishing (sanding, polishing, deburring)
  • Unit packaging of your parts, vacuum packaging

In summary, IVALTECH is a reliable partner for the manufacture of high-precision connector solutions for the e-mobility, telecommunication, and aerospace industries.

From 5,000 pieces to millions

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