Our quality system

Our quality system is based on the IATF 16949 reference system, and it bears witness to our performance and commitment to progress.

Continuous improvement is a key pillar of our quality policy, meaning that we use tools such as SMED, 5S, QRQC, APQP, etc. to respond to changes in the market as well as the most demanding quality standards.

“High-performing tools that are adapted to 4.0 connected resources to respond to our clients’ demands. “

Our control methods

Each product comes with an SPC follow-up. This system thus promotes self control and guarantees the conformity of our products.

Our aim is to constantly integrate measurement methods that are ever more efficient and innovative.

Our measurement control systems are managed digitally (Management of Measurement Methods) and consist of:

  • Mitutoyo profilometer motorized on X and Y axes, and computer-assisted
  • Keyence automatic vision control instrument
  • Tesascan automatic measuring machine
  • Mitutoyo surface condition devices
  • Mitutoyo deformity device (concentricity, coaxiality, circularity)
  • pneumatic assemblies / multi-dimensions / concentricity measuring benches

(Non-exhaustive list)

Our environmental approach

We pursue an efficient environmental approach towards sustainable development.  We are ISO 14001 certified.

We have undertaken concrete actions to limit our impact on the environment:

– Optimized waste management

– Oil mist management

– Zero plastic objective

– Environmental impact follow-up

– Reduction of our CO² impact