Machining for the Defense Industry

Precision Machining for the Defense Industry

At IVALTECH, we leverage our expertise in turning and machining to serve the demanding defense sector. Our know-how, combined with high-performance machinery, allows us to produce medium and large series parts that meet the rigorous requirements of the defense industry.

Turning for the Defense Sector: Multiple and Critical Applications

Our machined parts for the defense industry are used in a wide variety of applications:

  • Military Vehicles: Parts for armored vehicles, aircraft, ships, and other motorized vehicles.
  • Electronic Systems: Housings and components for communication, navigation, and radar systems.
  • Optics and Night Vision: Elements for rifle scopes, telescopes, and night vision systems.
  • Personal Protective Equipment: Parts for helmets, bulletproof vests, and other protective gear.

defense industry turned part manufacturer

Unwavering Commitment to Quality and Performance

We are committed to meeting the strictest standards of quality and performance.

To achieve this, we are equipped with:

  • A modern and high-performance machine park
  • Highly qualified and experienced teams
  • Expertise in precision turning and machining
  • Rigorous compliance with industry standards and requirements
  • The ability to meet the specific needs of our customers

We can provide you with parts with a capacity ranging from Ø4mm to Ø32mm on series ranging from 5,000 to several million pieces.


A Trusted Partner for Defense Contractors

Our commitment, expertise, and responsiveness make us a key player in the manufacturing of critical parts for the defense industry.

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From 5,000 pieces to millions

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