IVALTECH was awarded a trophy by Air Liquide in July 2020, for its support during the COVID-19 crisis.


In March 2020, during the COVID-19 crisis, Air Liquide, world leader in technologies and services for industry and healthcare, together with 3 other prime contracting parties: Valéo, Schneider and PSA Group, responded to the government’s call for the production of 10 000 respirators.


Ivaltech, a long-standing supplier that had already been producing a part for Air Liquide’s respirators, also met the objective of delivering 8,500 respirators in six weeks. “It was a real challenge, we had to deliver 20 times more parts than we would normally in a very particular context, we went from a production of 400 parts to 8000/year. We rethought our organization by creating a specific workshop for Air Liquide products. Also, a complete team working in 3 shifts was called upon during the entire lockdown period” explains Raphaël DURANSON, director of IVALTECH.

From 5,000 pieces to millions

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