Machining of luxury parts, manufacturer of parts for the cosmetics sector

Turning of stainless steel parts for the luxury sector

IVALTECH is present in the luxury goods sector. Extremely demanding in terms of aesthetics and visual aspect, we have established production and inspection methods that enable us to deliver parts of impeccable quality for our customers.

We manufacture components for different applications such as cream applicators, roll-on parts

Applications of stainless steel parts in the luxury &cosmetic sector

The following are the various applications of parts manufactured in our workshops:

  • Anti-wrinkle cream applicator
  • Cream applicator
  • Roll on
  • Applicator for tubes
  • Facial care applicator
  • Anti-aging cream applicator
  • Organic serum applicator
  • Eye cream applicator
  • Serum applicator with refreshing effect

Examples of parts machined in our workshops:

  • End cap
  • Drop applicator
  • Applicators


Materials machined for the luxury sector

For the luxusry parts, we mainly machine stainless steel.

  • X8CrNiS18-9 / 1.4305
  • X2CrNi18-9 / 1.4307
  • X2CrNiMo17-12-2 / 1.4404

Our machinery

Our organization and machinery allow us to work with medium and mass production, generally from 25,000 to 5 million units.

We have NC machines capable of machining complex parts which meet the requirements of the luxury goods industry.

Quality management at IVALTECH

Our inspection and metrology workshops are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment guaranteeing an irreproachable quality of our productions.

  • 3D scanner,
  • Keyence,
  • Contour measuring machine,
  • Roundtest,
  • Tesa-scan,
  • 100% automated sorting machine

Additional operations on stainless steel luxury parts

Through our stringently selected local partners, we can also provide you with various finishing operations such as:

From 5,000 pieces to millions

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